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About 3 years ago I started a small photography was more of a way to enjoy my hobby with others rather than creating additional income, yet, I felt like there was something more I was suppose to be doing. I knew I was meant to hold that camera and take those pictures, but there was something even more.
Standing in church singing the lyrics to 'How Great Thou Art' as they scrolled across the big screen accompanied by various scenic visions of our world - the beauty of the ocean, the tranquility of the blue clouds over plush green tree tops - it hits me: God wanted me to share the beauty of this Earth along side His Word. He wants me to remind others that He is there, He is watching and He is love. You are not alone. No matter how bad you have fallen, or how often, let God lift you up...and let these images be your reminder that you are truly and unconditionally loved.

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